Sensei Shlomo David began his Budo studies in Israel in 1963.
He was a member of both Judo and Karate Israel National Teams during the years 1968-1972.
In 1972 he traveled to Japan to experience a first hand knowledge of its culture. It was there that he mastered in different martial arts and disciplines, studying in the best schools and with the best teachers of Japan.

Korindo Aikido:

He studied with the founder, Doshu Minoru Hirai, So Shihan Kazuo Hasegawa 9th Dan, Shihan Seiki Shono 8th Dan, Shihan Shinjuru Narita 9th Dan and others.


He studied with Toshiro Daigo 9th Dan, Yoshimi Osawa 9th Dan of the Kodokan; Isao Okano, former Olimpic, World and Japanese Champion and Japanese National Coach and others.

He studied at Waseda University Karate Club; at J.K.A. under instruction of Masatoshi Nakayama 9th Dan, chief instructor of J.K.A. and other top instructors.

Sensei Shlomo David returned to Israel in 1977 and has continued to visit Japan many times to continue advanced studies in Japanese Budo. He held Senior National positions in both the Judo and Karate National Federations during the years 1978-1992. He was a Senior Editor of the Martial Arts Israel Magazine, wrote many articles and lectured on martial arts of the east in different forums.

Shlomo David holds the following Japanese Grades and Titeles:

  • Korindo Aikido Kyoshi 7th dan Certified by Dai Nippon Butokukai and by Dai Nippon Korinkai
  • Judo and Aikido "Kyoshi" certified by Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (D.N.B.K)
  • Judo Senior Coach 6th Dan certified by Dai Nippon Butoku Kai
  • Karate-do Instructor 6th Dan Certified by Dai Nippon Butoku Kai
  • Military Close Combat Instructor 3rd Dan

Sensei Shlomo David is an International Licensed Instructor for Korindo Aikido as well as being the sole representative of Korindo Aikido in Israel. He is the head of Traditional Judo Organization in Israel, representing both Judo and Aikido for the exclusive Japanese Organization Dai Nippon Butoku Kai.

He is a researcher and writer of martial arts of the east.

7th dan Aikido- certified by D.N.B.K

7th dan Aikido- certified by
Nippon Korinkai

Head of Korindo Aikido
Israel "Shihan"

Korindo Aikido internetional
instructor lisence

Judo Teacher diploma-cerified
by Kodokan Judo Institute

Judo senyor coach-certified by
Wingate Institute



6th dan Karate-Do-
certified by D.N.B.K






Korindo Aikido Kyoshi-
certified by Nippon Korinkai






6th dan Judo- certified by D.N.B.K