Behind the Bow

Behind the Bowis a collection of short stories written by Shlomo David, martial artist and teacher. Shlomo David although not born in the tradition of martial arts found in their practice and their teaching his ultimate expression as a human being.

The short stories unfold describing the author's first hand experiences and as one anecdote after the other illustrates a different aspect of life, the universal principles, values and true-life wisdom of the martial arts come to life.

A martial art master himself, Shlomo David is first and foremost a teacher and an educator thriving to find the best way to impart to his students the knowledge he has acquired over the years, fusing martial arts, the techniques and the principles within it as well as their universal values, as tools to educate and cultivate people.

He has come to the conclusion that adding simple real-life stories to his daily teaching can become a very valuable tool to get students and the general reader at large to better understand the hidden meaning behind the art.

This book takes the reader to a fascinating journey in the world of martial arts where the author shows us how his thirst for “more than what the eye can see” leads you to a soul searching quest into the higher spheres of man's thoughts.

Korindo Aikido

This is the first published book that unveils the secrets of the Korindo Aikido method to the public.

Korindo Aikido is a unique martial discipline founded by Sensei Minoru Hirai (1902-1998) in Shizouka, Japan in 1938. It is a traditional method that maintains both the secrets and high strategy principles of a real practical martial art together with the mental and spiritual teachings, keeping an open mind to modern life and its needs.

Korindo Aikido is infinitely rich in its technical curriculum, both empty handed and with weaponry. It is a method and an art that carries within it the true essence of all martial arts.